Modern fireplaces are part of the architectural design of the residence and are constructed as heating devices, which are in line with its interior. We offer both modern and traditional chimneys, consistent with the wishes and ideas of the client.

Doors are an essential element for achieving style and beautiful spirit to your home. They create its character and are an important focus in the interior decoration. The selection of interior doors is a major stage in building a new home or when remodeling it.

All doors are made in compliance with the clients' requirements ensuring the highest quality of workmanship, reliable operation and high environmental compatibility.

Surf comfortably and cozy with a stylish laptop table. Standard sizes are length 54 cm, width 35 cm, height 5 - 27 cm. The table can also be constructed and modeled in accordance to your desired shape.

Price: 79 lv. without VAT.
You can buy also a cooler for laptop table - 10 lv. without VAT.
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